Thursday, 24 January 2013


Predictive dialer software can bring a call center lot of advantages, there are lots of disadvantages at the same time. Here are some disadvantages of predictive dialer software:

1. Prospects may perhaps obtain silent call

Predictive dialer will call the phone numbers automatically and assign those numbers to readily available operators at the time. But, at times, buyers can obtain silent call because of a variety of factors. One reason becoming the operator not recognize that he is connected with the customer. When a customer receives a silent call, he can immediately assume that it’s a missed call or an unsolicited call from a person. He will then close the call immediately.

2. The sound good quality may perhaps be bad

The predictive dialer software will use VoIP to call the buyers, so it’s a great chance that the sound good quality which is received by your buyers is bad. Your buyers may perhaps hear your voice poorly. It could be a issue because the buyers will generally turn down the call because they cannot hear your voice clearly.

3. It may perhaps lose potential buyers

Sometimes, buyers will recognize that the call that they obtain is an automated call. In this case, the buyers will immediately close the call understanding that it’s not an authentic call. Also, as soon as buyers uncover out that the call is from a telemarketer, they can quickly block your number and you might lose potential buyers in this way.

Those disadvantages are frequently happen with a poor good quality predictive dialer software. Even so, most great predictive dialer are consistently improving to overcome the disadvantages above. But overall predictive dialer are avoided by all the big business professionals.

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